Effective time management skills are needed in everyday life, from hobbies and sports to life admin and your career. Developing these skills at a young age prepares you for life ahead and why not combine this learning with a fun activity?

Coding is an effective tool for problem solving, working as a team, concentration, understanding and time management. To achieve success, your child can learn about allocating enough time for each task and plan accordingly. Important time management skills including multitasking, prioritising, goal setting and problem-solving.

Coding has increasingly become a sought-after skill where technology continually advances. Whether you choose coding or not for your kids, it’s important to note, children who have the right kind of exposure from a young age make the most of their time and opportunities in future.

Coding is fun, engaging and full of discovery, the more your child learns, the more they will want to know. Among this learning are soft skills, those that can prepare them for other important life stages such as exams, communicating with peers and of course, time management.

Leading coding experts and academies recommend children learn coding from as early as five years old. This may seem young, but as most courses are after school, at weekends or in the holidays, it is a fun activity they can plan into their day. With consistency comes a productive output and the foundation to withstand and properly manage pressures and as they grow older.

Coding can seem daunting to some children, especially at the beginning, but with support from encouraging tutors and peers, they will quickly grow in confidence.  Learning programming is a process and a long-term commitment that helps you make consistent progress and that’s achievable.

In meeting deadlines, a coder must master time management. Coding is project-based and requires you to complete each task by a submission deadline. From learning the basics to working on real life projects, a coder quickly understands the importance of planning and managing their time.

Coding is fun

Lassod kids coding academy currently offers virtual classes to learners for age 6 to 16 from anywhere around the world. If you’re interested in virtual partnerships or individual learning program for your kids let us know by sending a quick message here