Lassod Consulting Limited

Connecting tech talent globally

Bringing technology to you.

Lassod was founded to bring the best tech talent to organisations globally. Founded by an aspirational and inspiration leader, Lassod Consulting Limited connects the highest quality software developers, coding engineers, data analysts and information security officers to highly complex tech projects.

From our sites in Lagos and London we serve our clients via two routes to market, projects delivered by our in house team and the supply of talent as an outsourced resource.

We recognise the technology market is constantly evolving and so we develop our teams to respond quickly to the needs of our clients providing the very best service and product offering.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has brought the commercial world closer than ever through remote working enabling you to access the very best talent from anywhere in the world – via Lassod Consulting.

Our technical and operational expertise deliver the best value tech services to clients across the globe through our capabilities, seamless integration and knowledge of the market. Through our work we aim to improve the commercial viability of Nigeria and improve business efficiency.

Women in boardroom


We have the skills in house and within our network to deliver your tech projects.

Global Reach

Connecting talent and organisations across Africa and the UK

Project Flexibility

Delivering projects in house or supplying you with the talent to support your own teams.