5 Indicators that Your Business Requires an ERP Implementation

An ERP is an all in one business software utilised by an organisation to effectively manage their daily business tasks. It encompasses the financial, production, inventory, human resource, projects and other core functions of an organisation. The improvements to enterprise and resource planning that comes with ERP integration is what makes organisations take note.

Statistics shows that nearly 50% of companies are soon planning or have already started to acquire or upgrade ERP systems. Knowing that, it’s vital to decide if your business needs either an integration or upgrade of an ERP system.

You know your business needs an ERP software:

  1. When your business is managed with the use of various applications: An ERP software is an all-in-one system that integrates all processes needed to run an organisation in a single system. An ERP consultant can identify the pain points of a business and provide recommendations customised by the developers. With an ERP implementation, each department wouldn’t have to run different systems instead, all systems would be accessible on one application.
  2. When there is no collaboration among staff: A company functions better when its staff are able to collaborate, brainstorm and share meaningful ideas. This results in steady growth for the company. An effective tactic to boost collaboration in a work environment is an ERP system
  3. When the system you currently use does not allow you to make fast and informed decisions: It’s not easy identifying problems when you are not using the right tools and you need increased efficiency and productivity. You need to identify business needs and opportunities fast and that’s a benefit you get from implementing an ERP.
  4. When you want to be able to monitor your company’s activities even in your absence: Transparency is key to every business. As a business owner, you should have the comfort of knowing how your business is performing whether you are present or not. With remote working being the new normal, you find people working from many locations at home. An ERP implementation  enables quick transfer of information, high performance and seamless operations within the organisation and with external clients.
  5. When staff spend so much time on tasks that should be automated: There are easier ways to measure staff performance. You don’t need your staff replicating tasks every day. In the absence of automated processes a business risks overworking its staff, losing important data and spending more as the business expands. You have all these under control when your business is automated. With a singular subscription licensed users of PurpleDove have access to all modules of the application including the following:

Accounts and financial reporting



Assets management

HR management

Project management

Purchasing and supply chain

Selling and sales analytics

Quality assurance

Customer relation management

Retail operations (POS)

Loan management


Everyday of the Week is Covered

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