Requirements for Better Business Performance

Why do small businesses need to integrate an ERP system?

For its numerous benefits, ERP software has for a long time been regarded as a necessity for organisations and small business owners. The continual need to be ahead of competitors often drives the need to implement an ERP solution.

As a business owner, if you still rely on traditional methods of sales forecasting, struggle to monitor orders, rely on spreadsheets, or still encounter challenges in determining the status of your warehouse inventory then you need an ERP.  At PurpleDove we understand businesses have to achieve many things including marketing, CRM, customer service, and customer retention regardless of industry. These capabilities make ERP a strategic tool and an effective way to gain a competitive advantage.

Asides from affordability and excellent customer relationships, as a business owner, your customers need to know they can rely on your prompt and accurate service delivery. In addition, your management team should be able to make effective decisions on resource allocation and investments as well as act quickly on business opportunities.

An ERP solution has a centralised database with which you are able to access precise information about every department in your business. It also automates the core processes of the business, helping small business owners fast-track reporting, regulatory compliance, and risk management.

Through ERP integration, you are able to manage performance and make informed decisions in a timely manner. ERP systems contribute to the availability of consistent data, thereby improving the quality and speed of decision-making and prompt financial planning.

For SMEs, it’s essential companies have accurate all-round business data. The ability to manage purchasing, accounting, CRM, and supply chain management in a single system is key. The company can improve visibility and cash flow with an integrated platform while reducing inventory costs. 

Automation of manual processes allows staff time to concentrate on business development and sales rather than administrative duties.

Therefore, businesses need to invest in the most effective solution – one that matches with their needs is manageable, and fits their industry.

The right ERP solution can provide numerous benefits to small businesses including:

Accountability and transparency

An ERP is an all-in-one system which creates a centralised database where crucial business information is stored securely and can be accessed by core teams. This reduces errors and increases accuracy and access to data, promoting accountability and allowing information to flow transparently throughout an organisation.

Increased productivity

With an ERP system, production, orders, and delivery schedules can be effectively managed. By streamlining business processes, employees can focus their efforts on more demanding tasks, meaning more work will be accomplished translating into increased productivity.

Increased efficiency in business processes

ERP solutions help in the automation of repeated processes, improving efficiency, and increasing productivity.  It provides clarity of tasks enabling entire business audit trail.

Crucial competitiveness

Small businesses can obtain a competitive advantage by embracing new technologies. ERP is one of those technologies that a small business can implement to increase the chances of success in a highly competitive market.

Monitoring business performance

ERP software updates information in real-time. It is therefore easy for small business owners to check the performance of different areas of the business and identify operations that are underperforming. Once a problem has been detected, measures can be taken to deal with it promptly improving overall business performance.

Clients currently using PurpleDove ERP have seen measurable benefits in how they’re able to operate. If you would like to read more about PurpleDove Enterprise Resource Planning and learn how your business can operate at maximum efficiency, visit or click the link below