About Lassod Consulting

Founded in the UK in 2012 on the foundation of the Olympics 2012 and that of the emerging opportunities between the UK and Africa at the time, Lassod Consulting was originally set up to provide market entry advisory and consultancy services to companies and investors interested in doing business in Africa. Successes in this endeavour further deepened our passion for investing in emerging opportunities in Africa especially those of her biggest asset: human capital.

Our model is simple. That is, outsourcing professional African tech engineers and software developers to service local and international companies thereby maximising their opportunity to earn fairly and equitably. In line with our values of professionalism, integrity, performance and results; we deliver services to clients seeking cost-effective outsourcing solutions whilst simultaneously impacting human capital development in Africa.

Our Model

We know the world is inevitably changing and that we must continue to adapt to the fast-changing pace of the business world particularly as driven by technology and further fuelled by the COVID pandemic.

These changes are leading to a growing pool of highly skilled African Tech Developers across sub-Saharan Africa.

A recent report by Tunga about the African tech Ecosystem estimated that Africa has 700,000 highly skilled software developers, and growing, with more than half concentrated in Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt. 


Lanre Sanni

Executive chair

Through his aspirational style, Lanre guides the development and direction of Lassod bringing entrepreneurial spirit to every business function.

Lindsay Burnham

Chief Executive Officer

Bringing strategic insight to Lassod, Lindsay has a passion for marketing and is responsible for overseeing the operational functions.

Victor Ekpott

Chief Technology Officer

With extensive technical expertise, Victor is responsible for maintaining continuity of tech talent and the onboarding of new IT functions.

Temitope Dunmade


With highly respected commercial acumen, Temitope ensures the business exceeds expectations and remains focused on achieving its legislative and financial objectives.