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142-143, Parrock Street,
Gravesend, England,
United Kingdom.  

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Our  Process

Project Team Building

Stage 1 

The four stage process begins with a language test to ensure communication remains open at all times.

Stage 3

The third element is a technical interview where problem solving and initiative are the main focus of this stage.

Stage 2

Following this is a technical test which is tailored to the roles we place for and the skills of the candidate. This in-depth analysis not only provides us with a role ready result but can also predict the potential of the candidate to progress their career.

Stage 4

Finally, the candidate undergoes an aptitude interview with a senior members of the Lassod team.

Project Delivery

Stage 1 -Initial Contact

If you have a project in mind then contact us. We will have a virtual meeting with you to discuss your needs and understand your project goals.

Stage 3 - Start-up Meeting

If you are happy with the cost and our proposed approach then we will get started. To begin we will have a virtual meeting so you can meet the team and confirm all project details.

Stage 2 -The Brief

We ask you to complete our simple briefing document of requirements which we can use to allocate the best talent and provide you with a cost for your project.

Stage 4 - Project Delivery

We will work on your project making sure we remain within your budget and timescales until completion. We are happy to plan regular project meetings during the process and are available via email for any questions or updates.