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Lassod Consulting Limited has a rich history of developing and working with tech companies across a range of markets. As part of this work, we have several brands as part of our client stable enabling us to provide innovative solutions to a wide range of sectors globally

Oyoyo is an app that connects Nigerian tailors, weavers and designers to clients across the world. Designers and artisans are able to create profiles and lookbooks and clients can access their expertise from the comfort of their own homes – no matter their location.

PurpleDove is one powerful software tool you need to upscale your business. Its uniqueness is in the value it gives to businesses of various capacities in a simple yet powerful way. Purple dove provides the all in one platform for the daily running of your business saving you the stress of using multitudes of app and also helps saves tons of time.

SQAF is an innovative interactive quality monitoring and compliance framework for providers of supported living services including homes for children, semi-independent provision, supported lodgings and outreach/floating support.

Using a combination of practice-based experience, software know how and sound business acumen, we have developed a solution that streamlines the complexities faced by commissioning agencies and providers operating in the social care sector.

Community Hosting and Support is a not for profit organisation delivering products and services to the social care sector. Focused on improving the lives of young people in the UK, this organisation works with local authorities, individuals and charities to bring change to the youth landscape.

Based in the UK, Community Hosting and Support offers technology monitoring products to bring a framework to providers and commissioning agents.

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