About LASSOD Healthcare

LASSOD Healthcare is affiliated to Essentialink Limited UK, a company co-founded by Mr Lanre Sanni in January 2004, with UK company registration number 5005819. We stock comprehensive range of devices and disposables for applications in anaesthesia, urology, haemodialysis, cardiology, angiography, radiology, chemotherapy, respiratory, ICU, emergency and general surgery. We endeavour to respond to ever changing needs in modern medical practice by collaborating with leading global companies. Evidently, we are official African distributor of reputed global companies such as Merit Medical, Terumo, Timesco and Intersurgical. Our clients can therefore be assured of high quality products at all times produced under ISO 9001 and meeting British Pharmacopeia, European Pharmacopeia and United States Pharmacopeia standards.



Anesthesia Equipment & Accessories, Airway Management, Anesthesia products, Biopsy Needles, Blood Collection Systems, Cardiology & Radiology & Interventional Products, Catheter Foleys, Collars & Accessories, Blood Bags, Drug Testing Devices, Dental Equipment and Products, Diagnostic Imaging, Dialysis Products, Emergency Medical Supplies, IV Sets, Infant Warmer Infusion/Intravenous Products, Laparoscopy, Mobility Aids, Kits/Trays, Masks/Shields, Oncology Products, Needle Free Systems, Nephrology, Spinal Needles, Rapid Screen Testing, Sterilization Supplies, Surgical Blades, Surgical Drapes and Packs, Surgical Materials, Therapeutics, Surgical Instruments, Urology Products, Vital Signs Monitors, Waste Receptacles, Woundcare Support Mattress.



Our Customers

We supply clients across various countries in Africa from different tiers of healthcare deliverers:

· Government hospitals and healthcare centres

· Private clinics, hospitals and healthcare centres

· Independent suppliers, wholesalers, pharmacies and medical stores




We are very competitive and offer value for money. Contact us to request quotes for your specific requirements preferably with detailed product codes and specifications. We aim to respond to all enquiries within 48 hours.









































































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