About LASSOD Consulting


LASSOD Consulting is an independent business and management consultancy offering clients value added solutions to maximise goals. We bring insights from past experience to unlock new potentials. Sometimes clients become too close to a challenge to see it clearly; we bring fresh pairs of eyes to view, assess and deal with the challenge from a new angle. Nevertheless, we approach every challenge from our client’s perspective proffering solutions that are their own. Our services are delivered in line with our values of professionalism, integrity, performance and results.


We specialise in delivering measurable business benefits by providing client focused and outcome based consultancy services in areas such as strategic plans, business plans, marketing plans, market entry services and end-to-end business start-ups packages.



SME Start-up


Our SME start-up packages are specifically designed for Africans (in Diaspora) living in Western world (United Kingdom, Americas, Europe) wishing to relocate back to Africa to start up businesses. To learn more about our holistic SME start-up packages for Africans in diaspora click here to book to attend one of our comprehensive and informative seminars. If you live outside the United Kingdom we can present the seminar in your location subject to minimum number of pre-booked participants. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are a potential client in this category.


Key Elements of our Processes


We apply the following proven elements to our processes to enhance accountability and quality:


Assessment a complete assessment of client's challenges to ensure solutions proffered adequately meet needs required

Detailed Scoping detailed scoping of projects including outcomes, timelines, project plan, feedback mechanisms, scheduling of milestones and reviews.

Objectives realistic, specific and documented

Contract/Terms of Reference defined, documented and duly signed

Milestones established at the planning stage to assist in progress monitoring and reporting

Partnership & involvement open communication ensuring a “no surprises” with client involvement to enhance ownership of the process

Consistency professionalism and quality assurance

Delivery aimed at exceeding client's expectations



How we do it


How do we achieve results for our clients? Our model is simple. We help clients solve problems by providing skills they are unable to deploy in-house or by themselves for one reason or the other; and offering balanced and impartial objectivity.


No one knows the organisation better than the client. So we work with the client to find out exactly what their business goals are.  We will then recommend fresh but proven techniques and processes that will enable them achieve the goals.



























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