About us


The world is inevitably changing. At LASSOD we are passionate about emerging opportunities in Africa. We are convinced that Africa now represents the prime crucible to nurture and sustain the growing demand for triple bottom line. This, and equitable free flow of trade, people and resources between Africa and other parts of the world must go hand in hand. Our model is simple, that is developing business solutions that meet clients’ needs thereby enabling them maximise emerging opportunities from and into Africa. We offer world class multi-sector business consultancy and value added solutions to maximise client’s goals. In line with our values of professionalism, integrity, performance and results; we deliver services to clients seeking value added business solutions in one or multiple sub-Saharan African countries.


Key Elements of our Processes

We apply the following proven elements to our processes to enhance accountability and quality:

Assessment a complete assessment of client's challenges to ensure solutions proffered adequately meet needs

Detailed Scopingdetailed scoping of projects including outcomes, timelines, project plan, feedback mechanisms, scheduling of milestones and reviews.

Objectives realistic, specific and documented

Contract/Terms of Reference defined, documented and duly signed

Milestones established at the planning stage to assist in progress monitoring and reporting

Partnership & involvement open communication ensuring a “no surprises” balanced with client involvement thereby enhancing client’s ownership of the process

Consistency professionalism and quality assurance

Delivery aimed at exceeding client's expectations


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